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Baby Back Ribs (Poncho)

The great crowd pleaser!  Easy to smoke; very forgiving to smoke.  You can start these in the morning when you cook breakfast and usually have them ready for lunch.  This works for St. Louis style as well but you need to smoke a little longer (about 2 more hours).

  • Remove the membrane on the bottom (this is a skin like thing that holds the ribs together).  Use a butter knife to prod under it until you can grip it and it comes off in a single piece.
    • You can leave the membrane on however neither smoke nor rub will penetrate it and becomes like paper after smoking.  You can take it off after smoking or eat it but it does not taste good.
  • Apply your favorite rub.
    • You can rub the night before or an hour or two prior to smoking.  I don’t think it makes a big difference.
    • I use a cajun rub underneath and sweet/hot chipotle rub on the top.  I then add a layer of brown sugar just before putting on the smoker.
    • I have found you cannot go too sweet with rib rubs.  I love adding extra heat but it depends on who you are cooking for.
  • Get the smoker to 225.  I use apple wood and sometimes pecan and get a good smoke going.
  • Throw them on and they are done when the meat begins to pull from the bone (about 5 hours) or when you lift them with tongs they begin to break under their weight (known as the bend test).

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